10 common problems of a misaligned top team


  • Lack of Clarity

Misalignment at the top can lead to confusion and ambiguity throughout the organisation. Team members may receive conflicting messages about priorities, goals, and values, which can make it difficult for them to understand their roles and responsibilities.

  • Low Morale

Employees often look to their leaders for guidance and inspiration. When the executive team is divided or at odds with each other, it can erode employee morale and engagement. A lack of trust in leadership can lead to a negative workplace culture.

  • Ineffective Communication

Misalignment can result in poor communication within the organisation. Leaders may not share information with each other or with their teams, leading to information silos and a breakdown in the flow of vital information.

  • Resistance to Change

Misaligned leadership teams may struggle to implement necessary changes and innovations. Employees may resist change if they sense that the executive team is not fully on board or if they receive mixed signals about the direction the organisation is heading.

  • Siloed Behaviour

When leaders are not aligned, they may prioritise their individual departments or functions over the organisation’s overall well-being. This can lead to siloed behaviour, where different parts of the organisation work in isolation rather than collaboratively.

  • Talent Retention Issues

A misaligned leadership team can contribute to high turnover rates as talented employees may become frustrated with the lack of direction or a toxic work environment resulting from leadership conflicts.

  • Missed Opportunities

A lack of alignment can result in missed opportunities for growth, innovation, and competitiveness. When leaders are not working together effectively, they may fail to capitalise on emerging trends or market opportunities.

  • Decreased Accountability

Misalignment can weaken the culture of accountability within an organisation. If leaders do not hold each other accountable, it sets a poor example for the rest of the organisation.

  • Cultural Fragmentation

The culture of an organisation often starts at the top. A misaligned executive team can lead to fragmentation in the organisational culture, with different departments or teams developing their own subcultures.

  • Impact on Decision-Making

When leaders are not aligned, decision-making can become slow and contentious. This can hinder the organisation’s ability to respond quickly to challenges and make strategic decisions.

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Addressing leadership challenges requires careful alignment through open communication, shared values, a common vision, and effective conflict resolution strategies. It may also involve leadership development and coaching to enhance collaboration and teamwork among senior leaders.

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