About this masterclass


A quick Google will tell you there are over 25,000 agency businesses in the UK, and with London home to the lion’s share, agency owners are finding it tough to make their business stand out.

In a competitive market where there is often a race to the bottom to win work, and with ever more political and economic uncertainty on the horizon, it’s your people and your ability to get the best out of them which is your competitive advantage.

Your agency’s culture is key to everything you do. It helps you attract and retain the best people, deliver exceptional work and create an inspiring atmosphere that drives growth. It’s what sets you apart from the competition.

Yet, many agencies still see ‘culture’ as a tick box exercise, something quickly solved by a mission statement on the wall or installing a pool table in the breakout area. Your culture runs much deeper than that and can make or break your business.

#AdamHosts is new breakfast masterclass series hosted by Adam https://www.weareadam.com/ focusing on solutions to key challenges faced by growing agency businesses.  The event is being hosted by Leon Milns, Founder of Adam and our very own Derek Bishop will be there to provide culture insight and practical ideas.

In this masterclass, you’ll learn how to give your agency the edge by developing a culture to drive growth, boost diversity & inclusion, foster innovation and enhance your team’s well-being.

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