Corporate Communication Strategy In The Age of Uncertainty

First, it was the B word (Brexit), and now it’s the C word (CoronaVirus). When disaster hits, an environmental risk emerges or policy change affects your business, you need to respond quickly, maybe even before you know all of the details.

But how do you ensure that you don’t miss the mark on your branded messaging? How do you keep your brand consistent, internally and externally, in an ambiguous situation? How do you keep your cool during complex situations? And if it doesn’t go well, how do you recover?

Join us on April 29th to discuss strategies for effective corporate communication in an age of uncertainty.


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16:00 – Welcome

16:05 – Moderated panel discussion

16:50 – Audience Q&A


Jo Geraghty – Partner & Culture Consultant, Culture Consultancy

Stefano Marrone – Founder & Managing Director, Nucco Brain

Bella Jasani – Executive Director | Head of IPB Solutions & Client Engagement | Marketing | Private Bank, J.P. Morgan

17:00 – Cheers!