Which recruitment solutions, workforce models, and technologies will best help you to lead and manage scale? High growth entrepreneurs, talent and learning experts share their insights.

Automation, remote and flexible workers, and more advanced recruitment solutions are enabling business owners to manage scale more effectively. They’re using purpose and building an employer brand to attract and motivate the best talent from every generation. And they’re also using new learning solutions and coaching to develop tomorrow’s leaders.

The Supper Club will bring together high growth members to share their tactics and real life experiences alongside specialists in recruitment and professional development.

A panel of speakers which includes our own Derek Bishop, Claire Smith from Moneypenny and Leon Milns from Adam, chaired by The Supper Club will present insights on the following:

  • Building an employer brand to attract the right people
  • Optimising new recruitment and talent management solutions
  • Enabling better leadership and management
  • Improving productivity with new technology
  • Maximising benefit and minimizing risk of new workforce models

The Supper Club is an exclusive community for founders and CEOs of innovative, high growth businesses beyond start-up. Everything we do has a single purpose: to inspire an entrepreneurial mindset in all leaders, because we believe that where entrepreneurship thrives so does innovation, employment, and wealth creation.

Join this interactive and insightful discussion for entrepreneurial tactics to recruit the right people and create a scale-up culture.

To book your place, register here : https://www.thesupperclub.com/events/the-supper-club-on-tour-manchester-talent-tactics