If you’re wanting to do more about your company culture, and aren’t quite ready to hire someone full-time, we can help.  

We are a complete culture agency, so we can be your out-sourced team providing every area of expertise  your business could possibly need when it comes to culture. From measurement and assessment, leadership development, employee experience, EVP, policies and process, talent attraction and retainment, to delivering training and embedding the culture you require.

And we’ll do it in a way that gives you ultimate flexibility, so you can play to your strengths, and we’ll play to ours.  


get the expertise your company needs 

  • You’ll get access to your very own head of culture who will work with you, as well as a team of specialists who can cover every single base –  so you can instantly tap into the professional knowledge of an experienced and diverse team of culture experts – that you normally don’t have access to. 
  • Ultimate flexibility for you – we can work over a specific time period, on a specific project, or we can help you to define and own your culture for business success.  
  • Ability to work with your existing head of HR / Head of people to upskill them in culture, for long-term success.  


that covers every single base  

  • Culture assessments and diagnostics  
  • DEI assessment and diagnostics  
  • Culture (re) design  
  • Culture embedding and immersion  
  • Employee Value Proposition – design, branding, and embedding  
  • Corporate Social Responsibility 
  • Environmental, Social, Governance  
  • Hybrid and remote teams training  
  • Leadership training and development  
  • Women’s leadership training and development  
  • Founder and scale-up leadership development  
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, and in-organic growth
  • And of course, one-off and bespoke culture projects. 



in a way that suits you. 

There’s 3 ways we can work with you: 

Retainer –  perfect if you need to keep your headcount low or need on-demand or full-service support. 


Project – we’ll provide the right expertise and right solutions to meet your goals. 


Coach – we will mentor and support your Head of HR / Head of People and upskill them in culture so that they become self-sufficient.  




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