The skills required for leadership are ever-evolving and businesses need to keep up with the pace of change. Hybrid-working has paved the way for feedback cultures and coaching leadership styles, increasing awareness around DEI calls for deeper empathy and curiosity, and the rise of NFTs and the Metaverse will need innovation and those who can deal with complex change.  

Leadership is integral to change, and a critical component of your company’s culture. Developing your leaders will transform the way you do business. 

We’ve got a team of specialists who have years of experience from being senior leaders themselves across a range of industries in some of the world’s top-performing organisations – seasoned specialists in executive coaching, high-performance, innovation, and of course leadership.  

Our leadership programmes are a little bit different

We’re not about theory or getting people through a cookie-cutter programme. We’re hands-on, and practical, looking at how your company is being led and helping create the change required for tangible business impact. We’re great at dealing with complexity, so no matter where your leaders are at now, and where you want to get them to – we can help. 

  • tailored to the culture of your company, and your leaders’  
  • hands-on and practical – not theory-based 
  • sustainable and adaptable delivery  
  • designed to have a business impact and create lasting change.  


Our leadership programmes are tailored to your leaders

emerging and experience leaders

and based on our proven principles to make change stick.

Leadership Programmes theory

Core leadership programmes

Leading self  

A self-leadership programme equipping individuals with behavioural and cognitive strategies to understand how they work, think and communicate to positively influence personal effectiveness. 

Modules include: self-awareness and EQ, communication, negotiation, developing leadership style, influence, problem-solving, decision making.

Leading others  

Inspiring leaders to understanding how to leverage the skills, talents and passions of others to enhance the performance, wellbeing and resilience of the team. 

Modules include: team management, communication & collaboration, motivating others, feedback, managing performance, practical coaching skills for managers, career planning.

Leading the future   

Leaders need to be able to cultivate and embed change, and this programme will equip them with the fundamental skills and tools for the future.   

Modules include: leading hybrid and remote teams, project management, DEI, psychological safety, leading culture, leading change.

Specialist leadership programmes

Women’s leadership Development

We’ll help you identify and tackle the cultural elements inhibiting the development of women leaders, whilst we carefully craft and deliver a programme that will develop their skills and capabilities fit for your business and make your company a more inclusive environment where every leader can thrive. 

Leading hybrid teams 

A new set of skills and capabilities are required to effectively lead hybrid teams. We’ll teach your leaders how they can bring the culture to life, manage performance effectively, build resilience and psychological safety, and enhance their communication through hybrid methods. 

Founders & entrepreneurs 

Founders and Entrepreneurs are unique types of leaders – so their development should be too. This programme has been specifically crafted to help you become the type of leader that others will follow. 

Leading scale-ups 

Fast growth businesses need a leader who is adaptable, authentic, and can embody the future of the business. This programme is all about scaling your leadership skills and capabilities ahead of your growth trajectory. 

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