Our women’s leadership programme develops diverse leaders, galvanises allies, and creates an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive. 

For women and businesses, these are challenging times. Women will not reach parity with men in senior positions before 2059 and are becoming frustrated and leaving companies at a faster rate than ever before to drive their careers forward.

McKinsey research shows that companies in the top quartile for gender diversity on executive teams were 25% more likely to have above-average profitability than companies in the bottom, while companies with more than 30% female executives were more likely to outperform companies that don’t, according to research from academics from the Universities of Glasgow and Leicester

What is it?   

A new leadership programme from Culture Consultancy that will change the way your culture works. It will galvanise your business to support women into leadership positions ensuring a pipeline of senior women for your business. 

  • Adapts your company culture to help advance diverse leaders. It galvanises sponsors and allies within the business and enables them to be more inclusive and effective
  • Equips and up-skills individuals across the business with practical skills and tools they can apply right away and for years to come in their careers as they advance
  • Bespoke to your business to ensure that it supports your strategic business goals, your culture, and your people.  

Why is it different?  

  • Your culture is assessed using the  Culture Consultancy Inclusion Diagnostic.
  • Inhibitors and enablers of inclusion and inclusive leadership are identified. 
  • Based on the Diagnostic findings, the bespoke leadership programme helps your organisation make the right cultural adaptions and sets sponsors and allies on a clear path of support
  • The leaders on the programme gain the right learning points, creating meaningful, impactful change in your organisation.    

The programme can be delivered in 6-12months, depending on requirements and is always bespoke to match the findings of the diagnostic, to ensure it has the impact your business and leaders need. 

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