A culture of digital: Culture Change for Digital Transformation

Who is it suited for?
This course is suitable for HR Personnel, Leaders at all levels of organisations and IT personnel who are responsible for designing and delivering digital transformation. This course may also be suitable for those who are looking to boost customer engagement through digital redesign together with for those who are leading start-up and fast growth organisations, looking as it does at the ways in which organisational leaders can retain a strong culture in a time of change.

What does it cover?
This course aims to build an appreciation of the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats faced by those who are contemplating digital transformation within their organisations.

In particular, this course looks at the importance of building a strong and innovative culture which will underpin digital transformation. Topics covered include:

  • the importance of designing digital transformation to meet the needs of a diverse population,
  • the importance of communication in a digital medium and developing customer intelligence to ensure that the chosen platform will deliver genuine solutions for users.

Why focus on culture change for digital transformation?  
Culture change and digital innovation are not mutually exclusive terms. In fact, they often share the same purpose, ensuring that all resources are fully engaged and yielding their true potential.

Further development?
The core culture courses offered by The Culture Consultancy School will help organisations to build a strong culture which puts ‘doing it right’ at the heart of business. Attendees on the culture change for digital transformation course may wish to build on their employee engagement and culture understanding via the socialising HR course or the Culture Consultancy School’s core culture change modules

  • Assessing your current culture
  • Designing your future culture
  • Leading culture change
  • Engaging your people in Culture Change
  • Embedding culture change

Depending on the nature of their role, attendees may also wish to explore other concepts offered by The Culture Consultancy School including leadership, and Building a Culture of Innovation. In particular those attending this course may also wish to consider the Next Generation Organisation course which develops the theme of customer intelligence. 

The Culture Consultancy School also offers bespoke conduct culture courses which are designed to meet specific challenges faced by individual organisations or divisions.