Building a Culture of Innovation: Understanding the Next Generation Organisation

 “A culture of innovation can be a company’s primary source of competitive advantage, and can pay off steadily over the years” – Stephen Shapiro

Who is it suited for?
This course is suitable for organisational leaders at all levels who are looking to develop an appreciation of the way in which Next Generation attributes translate into the development of game-changing solutions.  This includes Leaders in HR, Leaders in IT, and those leaders charged with marketing/product development or the delivery of customer excellence.

What does it cover?
The course will explore the three core areas of Next Generation Organisations which together enable businesses to master strategic innovation in order to deliver new business models and differentiated experiences. gathering and using intelligence, collaborating for solutions, and adaptable and agile product development.

  • Gathering and using Innovation Intelligence: not simply a matter of big data or having lots of facts, but the development of a true insight which will help not only to understand customer needs but to develop real solutions
  • Collaborating for solutions: exploring the way in which true collaboration draws in employees, customers, external experts, researchers and even competitors in a holistic search for innovative solutions. It seeks to build an understanding of the collaboration imperative as well as providing some tools and techniques to aid collaboration
  • Agile product development: builds an understanding of the importance of creating and delivering real solutions in a timely fashion.


Why focus on Next Generation attributes?
Building a culture of innovation is increasingly being seen by business leaders across the globe as a key deliverer of differentiated customer experiences and solutions. Predicting the future isn’t reliant on a crystal ball. The organisation of tomorrow is vastly different than the organisation of today. Disruption is a key act that must be implemented time and again to better understand the next generation of your organisation. A better understanding will lead to a better product/service which will lead to a better customer experience.

If you know your future, your future is secured.

Further development?
This is one of the core innovation modules which build on some of the concepts and ideas outlined in ‘Building a culture of innovation: a practical framework for placing innovation at the core of your business.’ Although there is some crossover with areas such as culture change, employee engagement and leadership, the modules within this section are aligned specifically with the innovation culture ideal. This course can be taken as a stand-alone module or combined with other innovation modules including:

  • Building a Culture of Innovation: one day overview
  • Leading for innovation
  • Taking Your People on the Innovation Journey
  • Innovation Strategy and Innovation Maturity


Depending on the nature of their role, attendees may also wish to explore other concepts offered by The Culture Consultancy School including leadership, culture change and employee engagement.