Conduct Culture: Senior Manager Regime

 “Corporate executives and business owners need to realize that there can be no compromise when it comes to ethics and that there are no easy shortcuts to success. Their companies need ethics carefully sewn into their fabric” – Vivek Wadwa

Who is it suited for?
This course is specifically aimed at senior managers, HR personnel and leaders at various levels within the financial sector. This course is also recommended for all those within front-office/trading teams as well as those within financial services who are tasked with setting and delivering targets.

It may also may be of use to others who work in a highly targeted environment such as call centres or sales teams. Those who are looking to change conduct culture within their organisation may also find that this module makes a useful addition to the core culture change topics offered by The Culture Consultancy School. 

What does it cover?
Starting with building an understanding of current levels of culture within an organisation or department via the cultural assessment model, the course moves on to provide an overview into the importance of building organisation wide clarity around the SMR and developing an understanding of the way in which expected behaviour translates into personal behaviour.

Along the way we will examine:

  • the influences which leadership, targets and particular nature of the financial services marketplace have on personal attitudes and behaviours
  • understanding of the importance of conduct risk and resilience in supporting change

Why focus on the SMR?
When it comes to ‘doing things right’ in business there is no dearth of legislation and guidance. Regulators may well be looking towards strong governance, a positive culture and ethical behaviour but at the end of the day the greatest incentive comes from being able to attract a loyal customer base, great employees and willing investors allied to a good reputation. Organisational culture alignment is holistic in that it requires buy-in from all levels. Leadership ethos and regime need to be articulately communicated to all levels in order to create necessary buy-in.

Further development?
The core culture courses offered by The Culture Consultancy School will help organisations to build a strong culture which puts ‘doing it right’ at the heart of business. The topics offered within this conduct culture section have been designed to address specific conduct challenges.  Attendees on the SMR course may wish to supplement their understanding with attendance on the ethics and conduct culture course or one or more of the Culture Consultancy School’s core culture change modules

  • Assessing your current culture
  • Designing your future culture
  • Leading culture change
  • Engaging your people in Culture Change
  • Embedding culture change

Depending on the nature of their role, attendees may also wish to explore other concepts offered by The Culture Consultancy School including leadership, and Building a Culture of Innovation. The Culture Consultancy School also offers bespoke conduct culture courses which are designed to meet specific challenges faced by individual organisations or divisions