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A question of attitude

Date added: 01st May 2015
Category: Organisational Culture Change

One way leads to friction and conflict, the other to customer confidence and long term growth. Which do you choose?

There’s something about the British weather.  After weeks of blazing sunshine, the calendar ticks over to a bank holiday weekend and the heavens are due to open.  This of course gives some sections of the press a field day as they can add pouring rain to gridlocked roads and paint a wonderfully gloomy, yet somehow quintessentially British, picture of what’s in store for us.

Now let’s turn things around.  Forget the weather, a bank holiday weekend gives us time to relax, to catch up on all those jobs we’ve been meaning to do or an extra day to meet up with friends and family without the worry of work the next day.  It’s a chance to take a day doing something, or doing nothing, without the guilt of time being wasted.  In fact, a bank holiday weekend is packed full of possibilities and it is up to us to make the most of them.

We can moan or we can create experiences; whatever we choose it is up to us.  And the same is true in the workplace.  Even in the most engaged and culturally strong organisation there are times when things just are not going as well as we’d like.  That’s the time when character and attitude shine through.  Do we moan, solve nothing and create more problems or do we set out to turn things around and create solutions.  One way leads to friction and conflict, the other to customer confidence and long term growth.  Which do you choose?  It’s all a question of attitude.

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