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Answering the call

Date added: 23rd Jul 2014
Category: Employee Engagement

If you really believed in something where would your convictions take you?   Would you take the easy path and baulk at every barrier or are hurdles and challenges merely there to be overcome?

The question came to mind as we read about the 8,500 mile journey of the St Helena Commonwealth Games team.  Starting with a five day boat crossing, the team has taken ten days to cover the distance from their home in the remote South Atlantic to the games in Glasgow.  Yet to win a medal at their previous six games attempts, the team nevertheless believe in grasping the opportunity to represent themselves and their country on the Commonwealth stage.  In the process they generate nothing but good publicity for their country.

How different is their positive ‘can do’ attitude to the attitude which still prevails in some workplaces.  Grasping at excuses, indifferent to the needs of customers and colleagues; disengaged employees pull down the culture, profitability and reputation of businesses with disconcerting ease.  And the sad thing is that many managers and leaders let them get away with it.

The task of a leader is to work to enhance the culture, to engage employees and to lead the organisation on a positive pathway for the benefit of all.  Perhaps whilst we enjoy the games over the next two weeks it’s time to stop, look and learn about the way in which dedication and commitment can bring game-changing rewards.

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