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Date added: 16th Sep 2014
Category: Customer Experience

Are you geared up for true customer care or for slogans, it might be time to check

How much do you really care about your customers? Put aside the straplines and the slogans for a minute and focus in on whether your organisational culture is genuinely geared to put the customer first.

Sure you have a great product; it may even have been designed following customer surveys.  Yes your website looks great and your call centre employees are all trained to wish customers a nice day or to ask if they can help with anything else before they hang up.  But are those really the ingredients of a strong culture of customer care?  Is, in fact, every person, every department and every process focused on making life good for customers?

Let’s go to something as simple as call handling for a moment.  HMRC Contact Centres Survey Report 2013-14 has revealed that 35% of callers wait for more than ten minutes before their call is answered.  Once the call has been answered 69% of queries were answered first time although key data analysis suggests that a greater focus on getting things right first time is required.

Admittedly, tax issues can be complex and may require revisiting but move away from tax and into the business arena and if the same metrics were seen customers would soon be on their way elsewhere.  Keeping callers hanging on the line, resolutions which require multiple calls, complainants waiting for up to six weeks for a bare acknowledgement of their complaint; why are such practices still seen as acceptable in some businesses today? Yet we could all probably point to examples which we have encountered in the not too distant past.

True customer care means that customer calls come before internal processes, true customer care requires employees to be trained and empowered to provide swift resolutions, true customer care means that every employee and every process is focused on the customer.  Are you geared up for true customer care or for slogans, it might be time to check.

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