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Building a Culture of Innovation

Date added: 05th Oct 2015
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You may have thought that innovation culture is something which is the preserve of big business. Think again.

Calling all SMEs, entrepreneurs, start-up businesses and rapid growth companies.  You may have seen reports indicating that building a culture of innovation is now one of the top priorities for business leaders, but you may also have thought that innovation culture is something which is the preserve of big business. Think again.

Admittedly, having a culture of innovation is something which comes more naturally to entrepreneurs and rapid growth companies. After all, you are in the business of creating or growing your market share and with none of the baggage of past history you are in a perfect place to create real solutions through innovation.

In fact, when it comes to any type of culture change, the larger and longer established the organisation, the harder it can be for change to embed itself at every level. There are just so many barriers to change put up by people, systems, processes and attitudes that leaders of longer established organisations have to be determined and have to work hard to create the type of change required to instil a culture of innovation. But those same leaders are coming more and more to realise that building a culture of innovation is the way forward, particularly if they are to stave off the disruptive challenge posed by small and more agile businesses.

The result of this change in attitude by larger organisations is that as SMEs looking to grow you have to actively manage your own innovation programme if you are to stay ahead of the game. You don’t want to repeat the mistakes of the past and simply set up as a ‘mini me‘ version of a more established business but sometimes it is hard to plough your own furrow when you are constantly being affected by the marketplace leadership of larger organisations.

As business leaders of the now who are looking to shape and create the future is therefore important for you to not only understand the processes connected with building a culture of innovation but also ensure that innovation remains a strong part of the DNA of your business. That’s one reason why Derek Bishop, Jo Geraghty and Chris Beswick got together to write a book which sets out a framework for building a culture of innovation.  Whilst some of the book may be relevant for larger organisations; there is plenty in it for the smaller business, particularly for the business which is looking to be in a position not only to create adaptable solutions as markets develop but also to be a catalyst for change.

“Building a Culture of Innovation” is due to be published on 3rd December and can be pre-ordered here

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