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Date added: 28th Jan 2016
Category: Innovation Culture

Building a Culture of Innovation is being launched in London at the beginning of February.

What’s the state of innovation in your organisation? Are you well on your way to innovation maturity, drawing people and processes into a holistic search for creating genuine solutions or are you one of the 42% of organisations who say that innovation is something which is talked about rather than actioned?

If you are on the latter end of that spectrum you are not alone. In fact PWC’s 19th Annual Global CEO Survey comments that “Most companies, however, struggle to achieve innovation-led growth.”  Why is this? Certainly the intention to innovate is there; in fact in a 2015 survey 79% of respondents listed innovation as being one of the top three priorities for their company. And certainly the potential rewards are there with various surveys listing benefits to be gained from adopting an innovation culture including enhanced customer experiences and increased profitability.

So what is holding organisations back? Well there are plenty of barriers to building a culture of innovation and perhaps one of the key ones is that transforming the culture into one which sets innovation at the heart of every person, process and decision is not an action which can be taken lightly. Leaders can’t just pronounce that tomorrow we will be innovative and expect instant change. Even those who have previously undertaken a culture change programme may find that building a culture of innovation takes them out of their comfort zone and into new territory.

However, approached in the right way, building a culture of innovation can be a future defining exercise which will not only transform the organisation but which will also enable it to deliver genuine solutions which add real value to customers and drive growth. But successful cultural transformation very much depends on the approach which has to be defined and ordered. Skip to the end without having built the foundations and all you will achieve is change fatigue.

That’s one of the reasons why we set out to write “Building a Culture of Innovation” The book sets out a practical framework for placing innovation at the core of your business. Starting with building an understanding of a culture of innovation and of the drivers of change, “Building a Culture of Innovation” takes its readers through building an innovation leadership team and on to design, communicate and embed a culture of innovation in an organisation.

We’ve already had some great comments about the book including Prof Reinhard Bachmann, Chair in International Management, SOAS who said “the authors offer an exciting vision and, at the same time, provide a step-by-step approach to manage change. This book will have a high impact on its readers.”

Building a Culture of Innovation is being launched in London at the beginning of February.

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