Building a Culture of Innovation – Book Update 1

Date added: 12th Sep 2015
Category: Innovation Culture

Building a Culture of Innovation - A Practical Framework for Placing Innovation at the Core of Your Business

How do you actually go about moving your organisation towards one which has embraced a culture of innovation? It’s a question which comes up regularly when we talk with business leaders, HR professionals, business students and others at various levels throughout organisations. From our discussions we know that there is a general recognition about the positive impact which a culture of innovation can have on an organisation but there is little in the way of guidance on the practical steps required to move organisations towards adopting a culture of innovation.

To address this, Cris Beswick, Derek Bishop and Jo Geraghty have got together to combine their expertise in organisational culture, employee engagement, leadership and innovation culture to create a practical framework which organisations can use to place innovation at the core of their business. The book which is being published by Kogan Page on 3rd December is now available for pre-order.

Over the next few weeks we’ll bring you more information about the book and its authors and will also share with you a few hints and tips about building a culture of innovation. And we’ll start with a quote from Cris Beswick, founder of The Future Shapers, an innovation consultancy specialising in working with CEOs and senior teams on the strategy, leadership and culture required for innovation. Cris has coached, advised and delivered keynotes to some of the world’s most successful companies on how to become exceptional by building game-changing innovation capability and embedding it into organisational culture. He’s also delivered executive education on innovation for leading UK and international business schools such as Henley Business School, Cranfield University’s Centre for Competitive Creative Design and Synergy Business School in Dubai to name but a few.

When asked why innovation is so crucial in today’s marketplace Cris commented that “organisations which have taken the decision to shape the future by placing innovation at the core of the business are the ones which will deliver the game-changing, market leading products, services and experiences required to attract customers, employees and investors alike. They’ll be the ones that shape the future of business.”

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