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Co-incidence or consequence?

Date added: 15th Feb 2013
Category: Innovation Culture

For weeks the scientific community have been playing down the consequences of a close encounter with an asteroid on Friday 15 February.  Despite its predicted fly-past within the orbits of geostationary satellites, asteroid 2012 DA14 has been heralded more as an exciting opportunity to observe an asteroid close up than as a threat.  So as Google celebrates with a doodle, keen observers get their binoculars out ready for a close view around 7.30pm or make a mental note to sign in to Nasa’s Jet Propulsion live feed from 7pm onwards.

Whilst preparations have been ongoing to welcome the asteroid in friendship, over in Russia more than 500 people* have been injured by a meteor shower which exploded over the Urals.  Until they track back the trajectory of the meteors scientists will be unable to confirm whether their arrival is as a consequence of the asteroid or a complete co-incidence.

The incident has got us thinking though.  How many times in business have we concentrated on one service or process and something else has gone wrong.  When we focus all our resources on one aspect of the business it is all too easy to take our eye off the ball elsewhere.  But it doesn’t have to be like that.  Creating a culture in which everyone takes responsibility for their actions, where initiative and empowerment are part of the company DNA means that when the CEO team are engaged with a project, the rest of the company doesn’t fall apart.

Co-incidence or consequence?  At the moment we don’t know but we do know that in business, creating the right culture can make all the difference.  Now, where are our binoculars?

*as reported at the time of writing

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