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The worst floods in European History?

Date added: 07th Jun 2013
Category: Employee Engagement

As fresh pictures emerge of the devastating extent of the flooding in central Europe, some commentators are already starting to ask whether these floods may go down as the worst in European history, surpassing the current record-breaking levels of 2002.  With Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic all being particularly badly affected, the knock-on effect across Europe will continue to be felt for some time.

Whilst in the UK we have been spared this current spell of bad weather, the climate change model indicates that severe weather episodes could become an increasing feature of weather patterns across the globe.  This has the potential not only to put a strain on the flow of goods and services but also on the mental health and wellbeing of everyone affected.

Although business continuity plans have been drawn up, for the majority of larger organisations at least, they tend to concentrate on practical matters such as the flow of goods and supplies, of IT and communication continuity.  But the human aspect is also a vital part of continuity planning.  This becomes far easier when a strong company culture which focuses on employee wellbeing and engagement is already in place.

When employees are engaged and feel valued on a day to day basis, they are more likely to work as a team, to look out for each other and to put their hearts and minds into disaster recovery.  In effect, engaged employees who are empowered and used to being challenged to be exceptional every day are far more likely to step up, to create and to innovate and to work to overcome whatever challenge the business faces.

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