Podcast: Couch, Coffee Shop or Co-Working? What Will A Post-Pandemic Workplace Look Like?

The global pandemic has changed our lives forever. Not just in the shared trauma we’ve experienced, but in the way so many of us have reconsidered and reconstructed the way we want to work.

There are some changes we made since the beginning of the pandemic that we clearly want to keep, and businesses now needs to reimagine what the workplaces of the future will look like, and how they will function.

In this podcast, our panel of experts, Derek Bishop (Culture Consultancy Director & Co-Founder)  Monica Mwanje (Founder of MM Creative Solutions) and Syd Nadim  (Executive Chairman & Founder at Digital Agency Clock) are joined by facilitator Fiona Hunt to discuss what employees, businesses and boards want to change in the way they work, and how companies need to respond to this fundamental shift.


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