John Hogg Technical Solutions – to create a culture to dye for



John Hogg is a leading manufacturer of solvent-soluble dyes and marker chemicals for the international petroleum industry.

A recent acquisition resulted in a dramatic increase in the financial turnover of the business, achieving approximately 70% market share of the European dye market, as well as a significant share globally.

 The acquisition presented a few challenges for the business as it adapted to new types of customers with different buying behaviours and the new dynamics of extensive intellectual property and worldwide patents.

Whilst being an existing market leader in one field, it was recognised that to seize the opportunity of the growing market for markers, further investment in research, development and technology would be required. These investments will allow the development of a broader product range and potentially open opportunities to expand into other markets.

The existing culture had served the business, its customers, and the employees very well. However, the challenges of significant growth through acquisition and the future developments for the business highlighted that not all aspects of the existing culture would serve the business well in the future.


the challenge


Differing expectations around how the business should operate, including areas such as quality, communication, governance, process, and reporting, as well as wider challenges of common goals and aspirations for the business were starting to cause strain.

Culture Consultancy was briefed to:

  • To redefine and embed the company culture to enable the successful delivery of the future strategy of the business.
  • Developing the leadership capability of the Senior Management Team to align all staff behind the new goals and ways of working in the business.
  • To create a culture to be proud of after a recent acquisition.


the solution


As specialists in complex workplace culture, Mergers & Acquisitions are something we know well, so:

John Hogg Technical Solutions – to create a culture to dye for
  • We initially held a workshop with the Senior Management Team (SMT) to uncover views on how well they thought the business performed against a range of attributes. This identified the extent of the differences and from this, the SMT were able to agree on the “case for change”.
  • We then completed a mini culture assessment, using data from employee surveys, performance reports, interviews and focus groups to gain a current view of the culture within the business, including the enabling attributes of the way things are done, as well as the hindrances. This exercise was designed not only to inform the future work but also to gain buy-in from staff on the case and rationale for change.


John Hogg Technical Solutions – to create a culture to dye for


  • Through a workshop and review process, with the SMT we developed a new Mission, Vision, and Values for the business, which then formed the foundations of the culture alignment programme which followed.


John Hogg Technical Solutions – to create a culture to dye for


  • The SMT was then equipped with additional insight, knowledge, and skills in several key leadership areas including leadership styles, high performing teams, leading people through change, and communication strategies.
  • This was supplemented by 1-2-1 coaching for each member of the SMT which focused on optimising individual approaches to the application of their new skills.


the results


The new improved culture change has equipped the business to meet the challenges that they face as a global organisation. Priorities are clearer with more open lines of communication, better decision making, and cross-functional teams working has improved. The attitude of the staff has become open and positive with a growing recognition of their important role in the business, with an increase in productivity as teams function more smoothly. 


what the client says


“Culture Consultancy has helped us improve our company-wide communication and dynamics, as well as supporting all our senior management with the implementation of our new way of running the business. They’ve been an excellent partner to work with. The attitude of our staff has become refreshingly open and positive with a growing recognition of their important role in our business, and how much more productive we can be as a smoothly functioning team. There is no way in which we could have achieved this change without the assistance of Culture Consultancy.”

Robert Webb, Managing Director


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