Workplace culture drives innovation

An organisation’s culture plays a crucial role in either facilitating or obstructing digital transformation efforts. Advancements in technology, and in particular, the rise of AI, mean it’s never been more important to develop your culture to seize these new opportunities as they arise.


10 reasons why your culture is holding you back


  • Resistance to Change

A workplace culture that is resistant to change can hinder digital transformation efforts. Employees may be comfortable with existing processes and technologies, and they may resist adopting new digital tools or ways of working.

  • Fear of Technology

Some workplace cultures may have a fear of technology or a lack of confidence in using digital tools. This fear can lead to reluctance in embracing new technologies and may result in employees not fully utilising the digital solutions provided.

  • Siloed Departments

In organisations with a siloed culture, different departments or teams may not collaborate effectively. Digital transformation often requires cross-functional collaboration and sharing of information, which can be challenging in a culture where departments work in isolation.

  • Lack of Innovation

A workplace culture that does not encourage innovation can impede digital transformation efforts. Innovation is essential for identifying new digital opportunities and adapting to technological changes.

  • Hierarchical Structures

Organisations with hierarchical cultures may struggle with digital transformation because decision-making is often centralised and slow. Agile and innovative digital initiatives may be hindered by rigid hierarchies.

  • Resistance from Leadership

If the leadership team is not fully committed to digital transformation or does not lead by example, it can be difficult to drive change throughout the organisation. Leaders need to champion digital initiatives and set the tone for the rest of the workforce.

  • Inadequate Digital Skills

A workplace culture that does not prioritise developing digital skills among employees can create a skills gap. Without the necessary digital competencies, employees may struggle to adopt and utilise new technologies effectively.

  • Lack of Continuous Learning

Digital transformation is an ongoing process that requires continuous learning and adaptation. A culture that does not encourage learning and experimentation may hinder the organisation’s ability to evolve digitally.

  • Risk-Averse Culture

A culture that is risk-averse may be hesitant to invest in new digital initiatives, especially if there is uncertainty about the outcomes. Digital transformation often involves taking calculated risks and trying new approaches.

  • Lack of Customer Focus

Digital transformation should ultimately improve the customer experience. A workplace culture that is not customer-centric may not prioritise digital initiatives that benefit customers, leading to missed opportunities for growth.

We're experts at delivering culture change for our clients

Successful organisations must recognise these cultural blockers and take steps to address them, such as fostering a culture of innovation, providing digital training, promoting collaboration, and ensuring leadership commitment to the transformation process. We can help. Tell us about your culture challenge…

Is you culture supporting your business ambitions?

We assess against 20 key attributes

Our Culture Assessment™ delves deep into your organisation’s DNA, analysing 20 crucial attributes that range from innovation and well-being to results and beyond. It identifies practical aspects of your culture that are driving high performance and should be harnessed, as well as those that may be hindering your organisation’s potential.


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Claire Smith, People and Culture Director at Mortgage Advice Bureau

“We were so impressed with CC. They have taken something very complicated and made it simple. We’re thrilled about the new culture they helped us create, and the way that they’ve supported and challenged us throughout has pushed us on even further than we could have anticipated.” ​
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Their insight formed the highly compelling backbone to everything that came in defining and embedding our Mission, Vision and Values. They provided real energy to the project and delivered a full end-to-end service.”

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