Implementing Workplace Health & Well-being – The Advantages and Challenges

Event overview:


This senior level event will be focused on helping business professionals such as HR Directors/Managers, CEO’s and Business owners, understand how to implement a health and wellbeing strategy into the work place and how to overcome the common challenges faced with implementing such a strategy into the workplace, the advice and guidance will be provided by professionals in the industry as well as those in similar roles as attendees.

By implementing a health and well-being strategy employers can benefit by retaining, engaging and attracting human capital, whilst also helping to reduce staff turnover and associated costs, improve reputation and create a more engaged and productive workforce, the benefits far outweigh the time and effort required to implement such initiatives.

A study has found that the top 3 challenges for businesses are:
– Employee Engagement (94%)
– Recruitment/Retention (35%)
– Growth & Scalability (31%)

75% of HR professionals said they wanted to implement a health and wellbeing strategy in the next 12 months. Do you feel you are within the 75% who wish to implement a health and well-being strategy, learn more about how other organisations have done this, click to register now!

By focusing on the health and well-being of your staff, your business will gain a host of benefits, including:
– Higher customer metrics (10%)
– Higher productivity (17%)
– Higher Sales (20%)
– Higher profitability (21%)

The event will be held as a panel discussion with preset interview questions for the panellists, if you have specific questions in mind please email them to:, following the panel discussion there will be an opportunity for attendees to ask questions about topics they feel are important surrounding employee health and well-being. Light bites and refreshments will be provided on the evening.

Guest Panellists:


Dr Mark Cobain – Health & Well-being Expert | Co-Founder of Younger Lives.

Having spent 20+ years in academic and industrial research related to health and wellbeing, Mark began to realise the wealth of knowledge he had amassed on ‘healthy ageing’ had not touched him personally. He had spent years analysing data from thousands of participants of long term studies, finding out what healthy people had in common as they aged. He also spent the same amount of time as a psychologist identifying what made some people more likely to motivate themselves to make lifestyle changes that would last for ever.

One day he knew he had come to a crossroad in his own life. Whilst he had helped many people change their lives for the better, He needed to take what he had learnt to the next level and feel the impact personally, this helped motivate Mark to look into new methods for living a younger life,

Having created the original Heart Age concept that is widely used by medical professionals across the globe, he knew that its power came from people not wanting to be older than their real age. This insight wasn’t just relevant to heart health but in fact to everything spanning health, happiness, energy and mental wellbeing. Why restrict ourselves to hearts?! The time had come to evolve what we knew into a much larger and overarching concept – Younger Lives. Younger Lives is a specially designed service that allows people to take control of their behaviours and health, helping them live healthier, happier, younger lives.

Isn’t it just obvious that we want to be both healthy and happy? It’s not just about performing meditation or living a hedonistic lifestyle. It’s about helping us align our meaning in life with the motivation to look after ourselves, to make behavioural changes that directly impact our health, so that we can be around for longer to fulfil our ambitions?

Read More about younger lives here:

Richard Holmes – Director of Wellbeing | Westfield Health

When it comes to workplace wellbeing, it’s safe to say Richard Holmes really walks the walk.
A former teacher, Richard decided to swap planning lessons for learning new ones, enrolling on a Masters in Medical Sciences in the 1990s.

His focus on physical activity and people’s perceived ability to cope better with pressure led to an employee research placement with a major national travel operator – after which the MD invited Richard to work for them and set up one of the first employee wellbeing programmes of its type in the UK.

Now Director of Wellbeing for national health and wellbeing company Westfield Health, Richard brings with him over 25 years’ experience to his new role – developing workplace wellbeing solutions for the SME market as well as larger corporates, alongside partners in Sheffield.

Richard said: “Westfield Health is a tier one partner of the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre (AWRC) in Sheffield, recognised by many as the most advanced research centre in the world for physical activity and wellbeing, and working in partnership with them will enable us to really push forward the workplace health and wellbeing agenda.

“The principle is looking at lessons we can learn from professional and elite sports people in terms of performance and health and translate that to the general population with the primary aim of creating innovations that will improve the health of the nation.

“From Westfield Health’s point of view this is more specifically tailored to the workplace, so my main task is to lead development of wellbeing services that are evidence-based and have an impact, regardless of the business’ size or sector.”

Services include the I WILL Wellbeing Resources Website which can also be delivered remotely, enabling companies to engage their staff in their own wellbeing with a ready-made health awareness programme focusing on a different topic each month; from smoking to alcohol, sleep to coping with change. 
Wellbeing Coaches can also visit firms on-site to deliver either interactive group Wellbeing Workshops, designed to encourage employees to make positive lifestyle changes, or Lifestyle Assessments which offer one-to-one health checks and advice for individuals.

Richard said: “Because the workplace wellbeing market is quite new and fragmented, many providers tend to specialise in one topic or service and target the high-profile corporates. 
“But the majority of the UK works for an SME so if you exclude those organisations, the resulting behaviour change, and overall impact on the health of the UK, is likely to be much less significant.

“Our solutions enable organisations to tailor a wellbeing programme to the relevant needs of their workforce, making us effectively a ‘one-stop-shop’.” 

Read more about Westfield Health here:

Sam Meakin – Global HR Manager | StatPro

A CIPD qualified and commercially-focused HR professional with a passion for recruiting, developing and retaining quality people. Having experience in employment law, employee relations, health & well-being and people management, Sam brings 17 years of wealth and knowledge as a HR professional helping to develop various strategies for effective people management, employee relations and employee engagement.

Sam works for StatPro is a global provider of award winning portfolio analytics solutions for the investment community. The Group’s cloud-based platform provides vital analysis of portfolio performance, attribution, risk and compliance. This multi-asset class analytics platform helps StatPro’s clients increase assets under management, improve client service, meet tough regulations and reduce costs.

Read more about StatPro here:

Jo Geraghty – Director | Culture Consultancy

Jo is the co-founder of boutique agency Culture Consultancy. Formerly head of HR for Goldman Sachs France and Switzerland, Jo brings 18 years’ experience working in change management for various organisation across the globe.

With a global reputation as an expert in culture change and building high performance, inclusive cultures, Jo specialises in working with senior leadership teams to design and deliver impactful programmes for a wide variety of organisations from established financial services firms, through to fast growth SMEs and third sector organisations. She has a proven ability to assess and design cultures, drive people engagement and identify the developmental needs of humans and businesses.

Jo is a co-author of our book titled ‘Building a Culture of Innovation’ which was shortlisted for the 2017 CMI Management Book of the Year awards and is a 2019 Judge for the Employee Experience Awards. She is also a speaker on topics such as Future-fit leadership, cultures of diversity, wellbeing & innovation.

Jo is also a Trustee of the clean water charity ‘JustADrop’ and a Brand Ambassador for the

Read more about Culture Consultancy here:

We look forward to meeting you on the 25th of September.