Culture is cited as one of the primary reasons mergers and acquisitions fail. 

But, we’ve got a track record when it comes to redefining and creating cultures that allow mergers and acquisitions to flourish.  

Aligning cultures stretches well beyond just harmonisation of people / HR policies, practices and the employee experience.  It’s about re-designing all work practices in alignment with the new values, which means applying the culture lens to policies (non HR) , processes, systems, governance and decision making, and ultimately to any organisational restructures that need to be completed.

We’ll help you successfully navigate such a pivotal transformation, whether that’s rolling out the dominant culture across the organisation, a best of both approach or a complete cultural overhaul designed specifically for the new company. 

We’re great at dealing with complexity and creating cultures that will stand the test of time and drive a business in the right direction. 

Our services include: 

  • cultural assessment
  • cultural (re)design and strategy
  • embedding culture
  • mission, vision, values, and behaviour design and embedding
  • leadership and manager development
  • employee experience design
  • team performance
  • designing and embedding remote working cultures
  • cultural immersion events and launches 


Let us know about your M&A transformation, and we’ll get right back to you with how we can help. 



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Merging cultures: keeping the best of both

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