Engaging your people in culture change

Who is it suited for?
This course is suitable for leaders at all levels throughout an organisation as well as HR professionals and business students.  It may be useful as a stand-alone module for those who are tasked with building engagement, whether or not organisational change is anticipated. The course is also recommended for those who are contemplating mergers and acquisitions.

What does it cover?
This course seeks to develop an understanding of the importance of employee engagement as the driver of business success, with particular emphasis on the importance of building engagement in order to deliver culture change. ‘Engaging your people in culture change’ looks at anticipating and overcoming barriers to change. This includes:

  • an overview of the way in which resilience can help individuals to redirect pressures into positive energy and creative drive
  • the challenge of engaging a diverse organisation in cultural change
  • the particular challenges which may face those who have to lead change across multi-site or multi-continent organisations
  • the importance of effective communication as a means of engaging people in change
  • self-managed engagement plans

Why focus on engaging people in change?
Culture change, internal reorganisations, mergers and acquisitions can all have a profound effect on employee engagement.  Failing to anticipate and overcome the barriers to change and cultural mis-matches are prime reasons for M&A failures.  By engaging people in the change journey businesses can help to ensure that people lead change rather than fight against it. An engaged workforce is imperative to employee buy- in, increased productivity, and cross departmental collaboration. Learning to effectively engage your employees will open your organisation to a myriad of resources, namely your workforce.

Further development?
This is one of the core culture change modules which build on the expertise of the Culture Consultancy team.  This course can be taken as a stand-alone module or combined with other culture change modules including:

  • Assessing Your Current Culture
  • Making it Stick! Embedding the Culture Change
  • Designing Your Future Culture
  • Leading Culture Change

Depending on the nature of their role, attendees may also wish to explore other concepts offered by The Culture Consultancy School including leadership, and Building a Culture of Innovation