Making it stick! Embedding the culture change

Who is it suited for?
This course is suitable for organisational leaders, those tasked with developing and introducing culture change, HR professionals, Team leaders and other leaders at all levels throughout an organisation.  This module would also be of benefit to those who are considering mergers or acquisitions as well as those who are tasked with leading rapid growth organisations.

What does it cover?
This course examines some of the ways in which organisations can embed change so that it becomes a permanent part of the DNA.  It builds upon areas such as leadership, strategy design and employee engagement in order to embed a culture change which is lasting. Areas covered include:

  • using systems and technology to boost collaboration
  • the identification and development of advocates for change


Why focus on embedding culture change?
Assessing current culture levels and identifying the need for change is only the foundation. Embedding change through a process of buy-in and implementation will lead to the long term sustainable goals your organisation needs, wants and deserves. To do otherwise will only lead to failure and change fatigue.

Further development?
This is one of the core culture change modules which build on the expertise of the Culture Consultancy team.  This course can be taken as a stand-alone module or combined with other culture change modules including:

  • Assessing Your Current Culture
  • Engaging your people in Culture Change
  • Designing Your Future Culture
  • Leading Culture Change


Depending on the nature of their role, attendees may also wish to explore other concepts offered by The Culture Consultancy School including leadership, and Building a Culture of Innovation