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Welcome to Culture Consultancy

In a world where the pace of technological change is ever faster, where the availability of instant communications demands instant answers and the competition is truly global isn’t it good to feel that at least there is one constant in your business life; your employees.

Always working to their own and each others strengths, pulling together in harmony with the single aim of benefiting the business, your employees simply attract new clients while adding greatly to the bottom line through efficient and timely working.

Sounds familiar?  If not then you need our help.

Organisational Culture: What is it?

Quite simply Organisational Culture is how things are done.  It’s the approach, the attitude the application.  Sometimes tangible, at others subliminal; organisational culture is the sum of the business ethos built up step by step since the business formed from every interaction with  employees, suppliers and clients.

Good organisational culture brings efficient practices, improved margins, great reputation and a happy and productive workforce.  Poor culture leads to strife, conflict and wasted resources.  So if you don’t like your current business culture, then it’s time to change. We admit that the recipe for success is not quite as simple as “add water and stir” but with our help it’s 100% achievable.

Why we’re different

We aren’t trainers, lecturers or miracle workers.  We won’t sell you a one size fits all formula or promise that change will be easy. What we will do by encouraging new attitudes and beliefs is transform the hearts and minds of your employees to align their aims with the organisation; to work together through strength, to maximise opportunity and minimise wastage.

We’ll show the leadership team how to put people first thereby improving staff retention and profit margins.   We’ll help you to improve relationships with customers and suppliers through improved communication and positive reinforcements.

We’re the specialists who work with you to transform your organisational culture, whether you need a few tips or a complete makeover, through guidance or intervention. No matter how you engage with us, we will get to the heart of the business and resolve it from the inside out leaving your organisation stronger, fitter and culturally transformed.