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A quick look at – Employee Engagement

Date added: 11th Jul 2014
Category: Employee Engagement

Scroll your way through the search engines and time and time again leadership and management advisors will exhort you to see employees as assets not as costs or as liabilities on the balance sheet or as drains on resources.  Why then, when faced with the need to cut costs do so many organisations reach for the redundancy manual?  Scroll through annual reports and you see boasts of cuts in employee numbers as though that were something to be proud of.  Of course, hidden in the background are vast costs as numbers of these same employees are hired again as consultants or outside workers but that doesn’t matter; cost cutting equals employee cutting and that is that.

But is it? Wouldn’t it be better to ask why costs need to be cut in the first place and wouldn’t it be better to take the time to really engage employees in beliefs and behaviours of the organisation and then reap the reward.  Put simply engaged employees:

  • work to produce exceptional customer outcomes
  • proactively seek streamlined ways of delivering improved services
  • take less sick leave and stay with the organisation for a longer time
  • reduce wastage and increase profitability

The next time you think you need to cut costs, pause for a moment.  Disengaged employees cost the organisation 46% of their salary in lost production.  Perhaps your troubles are not due to the marketplace or to the recession but are much closer to home.

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