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Date added: 26th Jun 2015
Category: Culture of Diversity

Drawing lessons about business diversity from the Glastonbury experience

It’s the end of June and for the some 175,000 ticket holders and millions of viewers around the world that means only one thing – The Glastonbury Festival.  As the music fans started to arrive at the site pictures of the “Glastonbury uniform” of cut off jeans, green wellies and anorak were beamed around the world.

However, as an article in the Guardian recently highlighted, in reality there is no one single dress code for Glastonbury. With Glastonbury bringing festival goers a vast range of music, clothing styles are equally as varied, as is the age range of festival attendees. In fact as we delve down below the headline acts and signature dress we find a complete mix of people, all bringing their own unique style to enhance the Glastonbury experience.

It’s a lesson that we can draw on in business. When we talk about hiring for cultural fit, it can be all too easy to be drawn into the trap of thinking that everyone has to conform to a norm. But if we are truly hiring for cultural fit whilst we may be looking for individuals who share the same deep values of the organisation we are also looking for people who can add to the organisation, who can bring their own unique talents to the mix and in the process enrich it.

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