Partnerships: Software

Partnering software companies

‘If there isn’t an app for that then there soon will’ be could be the new mantra which rules software design.  From cloud computing solutions to bespoke blended learning programmes, the world of business software moves on apace.


Whether creating new training modules or looking to upgrade an entire operating system, whilst the programming may be comparatively straightforward, gaining acceptance of employees to the new system can be tricky.  People are innately conservative and any change can be viewed with suspicion.  This means that software providers have to be mindful of the company cultural and employee engagement implications of any change and to design their processes and implementation strategies accordingly.

The Culture Consultancy solution

Organisational culture and employee engagement may sit high on the software implementation agenda but they are not necessarily fields in which software companies have a strong background.  That is where Culture Consultancy can help.  We can add our expertise in cultural alignment, culture change and people engagement to your software design expertise in areas such as:

  • Cultural alignment – advising on the optimum organisational cultural and engagement solutions for organisations which are looking to implement software changes and helping with the design of delivery programmes
  • Employee engagement – advising on engagement issues and how these may affect the delivery of new software
  • Cultural due diligence – identifying the organisational cultural and engagement issues which may affect the design and implementation of software solutions

We are happy to partner with software companies on a one-off or ongoing basis to help you to enhance your software expertise with solutions which will benefit your clients.