Partnerships: Training Companies

Partnering training companies

Since the advent of the internet the world of training has moved on exponentially.  Blended learning, mixing classroom training with on the job instruction and computer-based activities has taken the place of ‘one-size-fits-all’ instruction.  Employees now expect to have access to learning-based activities as and when they need them and this includes the availability of apps and help guides as well as tying in key performance metrics with organisational values and strategies.


Organisational change, whether following M&As or as a result of a change of strategy and vision now has to go hand in hand with enthusing and engaging employees in newly defined roles and training therefore plays a vital part in delivering change.

The Culture Consultancy solution

With training playing an intrinsic part in creating engagement solutions, those tasked with creating and delivering training strategies now have to consider far more than pure ‘attach slot A to tab B’ instruction.  That is where Culture Consultancy can help.  We can add our expertise in cultural alignment, culture change and people engagement to your training expertise in areas such as:

  • Employee engagement – advising on engagement issues and how these may affect the delivery of training solutions
  • Cultural due diligence – identifying the organisational cultural and training issues which may affect the chances of successful mergers or acquisitions
  • Cultural alignment – advising on the optimum organisational cultural and engagement solutions for organisations which have changed their vision and values and the way in which blended learning can be optimised to create buy-in to the new values.

We are happy to partner with training companies on a one-off or ongoing basis to help you to enhance your training expertise with solutions which will benefit your clients.