Partnerships: Workplace Design

Partnering workplace design organisations

From the themed zones increasingly favoured by start-up companies to open plan or cubical spaces, workplace design is an increasingly complex and fascinating field.  Combining space and ergonomic theory with the psychology of colour, form and function, workplace design has moved far on from the simple challenge of fitting x desks into y space.


Nowadays workplace design says as much about the culture and values of an organisation as it does about function.  Sometimes blatant, sometimes subliminal, a carefully crafted design can speak volumes to employees and clients alike.

The Culture Consultancy solution

With design having such an impact on employee engagement in the values of the organisation, it is important that strong attention is paid to cultural values and engagement both when creating and implementing new design solutions.  That is where Culture Consultancy can help.  We can add our expertise in cultural alignment, culture change and people engagement to your workplace design expertise in areas such as:

  • Cultural due diligence – identifying the organisational cultural and engagement issues which may affect the design and implementation of workplace solutions
  • Cultural alignment – advising on the optimum organisational cultural and engagement solutions for organisations which are looking to implement workplace design solutions as well as helping with the delivery of engagement programmes to optimise acceptance of any changes to workplace design and layout
  • Employee engagement – advising on engagement issues and how these may affect the delivery of new workplace designs, particularly following a change such as a merger or change of leadership

We are happy to partner with workplace design companies on a one-off or ongoing basis to help you to enhance your design expertise with solutions which will benefit your clients.