Culture is a critical component for any financial services organisation.  

FCA and SMCR compliance, behaviours and ways of working, innovation, changes in leadership, changes in strategy, mergers, acquisitions, and of course economic impact, can all prove challenging when it comes to culture in financial services. 

But, we’ve got a track record when it comes to assessing, refining, and (re)designing compliant cultures within financial services. 

Creating a culture that will attract and retain great talent, support the business to meet its strategic objectives, delight customers, and cement its position within the market takes a lot more than people and HR policy. Working practices, values, behaviours, processes, systems, governance, and decision-making all need to have a cultural lens applied. 

Assessing, designing, and then embedding the culture into every corner of the business will set you up for immediate and future success, making any changes sustainable and impactful. 

And we’re great at dealing with complexity, we’ve won multiple awards for our work with Mortgage Advice Bureau on transforming their culture, and have worked with the likes of OneSavings Bank, Prudential, AXA Healthcare, Rothesay, M&G, and Pepper Money. 

Our specialist services include: 

  • cultural assessment
  • cultural (re)design and strategy
  • embedding culture
  • mission, vision, and values
  • FCA and SMCR compliant behavioural competency design and embedding
  • leadership and manager development
  • employee experience design
  • team performance
  • designing and embedding remote working cultures
  • designing and embedding innovation cultures
  • aligning and designing cultures following M&As
  • cultural activation and discovery workshops, events and launches 


Let us know about your challenges, and we’ll get right back to you with how we can help. 



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